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Rodney and Jenifer Spratley have a heart for people and a strong desire to see people succeed. Though they come from different backgrounds, they’ve combined their individual lives in marriage to create a whole new oneness.

Together, they have built an empire that includes business ownership, real estate investments, public speaking successes, mentoring and pastoring. Their combined and individual stories are both eye-opening and inspiring. This generous power couple is always looking for an opportunity to impact the lives of others with programs designed to enrich the lives of those they touch.

Their inspirational speaking is renowned, whether it be high schools, universities, corporations, associations, marriage retreats, churches, women’s or men’s conferences.  The Spratleys offer fresh ideas and concepts that are sure to shift paradigms and bring excitement wherever they are. They will have the audience laughing one moment and in deep contemplation the next - but most importantly people are moved to action! Their inner passion to impact others is profound.

In addition, they have created employee development programs  designed to train minimum wage employees in the areas of customer service, communication, conduct & character in order to increase productivity and raise the bottom line profitability. This program can be tailored to address your specific pain points.

Need financial empowerment training? Training by the Spratleys will teach you how to get out of debt by gathering fragments that will lead to fortunes. The Spratleys believe that you can not be wealthy unless you stop wasting and apply basic money principles.

This is an exciting faith-based teaching that takes you back to the beginning of time and brings you all the way up to today’s money matters.

The Spratleys Business Seminars are designed to impart various business aspects for wealth building to include real estate investing, property management, entrepreneurship and much more.
























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